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5 Things A Brand New Mom Needs Most

Did someone you know just have a baby?  This is such an exciting time, isn’t it?  When the baby is born, everyone will fawn over the little one and shower it with gifts, but we need to remember that the new Mom has needs also.  After all, she is the one who did all the work, and will continue to work harder at this new Mom gig than she ever has on anything else. These are the things a brand new Mom needs most as she adjusts to her new normal.



Her body has just been put through the wringer, and hormones have her head all over the place.  Be patient.  Don’t get upset if she says she can’t make it to something, or cancels plans at the last minute.  It may take days for her to return that call or text.  Maybe she doesn’t want visitors for a few weeks after the baby is born.  Respect her wishes and give her a little leeway.


As a new Mom, she will spend nearly every waking hour focused on her new child.  Her day will be a round-the-clock routine of feeding times (for baby, of course), naps (which will often only occur if she is rocking and holding baby), and changing diapers.  She will be so busy and exhausted that if and when she does eat something herself, it’s whatever snack she can grab quickly.  Obviously eating good, regular meals is important for everyone. This is especially true for a new Mom, as she is healing from childbirth and even more so if she is also breastfeeding. Help her out by taking dinner over, or order a pizza for her family one Friday night.  This will help more than you know. 


It will take some time before a new baby sleeps through the night, or for any long period of time whatsoever.  A new Mom is EXHAUSTED. She is lucky if she gets to nap for a little bit during the day while baby is napping, but with today’s pressures, she will feel guilty for napping when there is cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc left to do.  Be the friend that stops by for an afternoon to take care of the baby so she can get a good long nap without interruption.  Bonus points if you also pick up the kitchen and run a load of laundry while you’re there!


The first thing to go out the window once she has the baby is self-care.  She will most likely not take the time to read a book, watch her favorite show, get a pedicure, or even just take a long uninterrupted shower.  A gift certificate for a spa or salon would be amazing, and even better if you offered to watch the baby while she goes!


Of course, everyone wants to visit and snuggle the sweet new baby, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  However, oftentimes, the new Mom is completely forgotten and overlooked.  When you call or visit, don’t just ooh and aah over the little one…It is so important to take the time to REALLY talk to Mom, and see how she is handling this new life and all its changes.  After all, she just went through quite possibly the most life-altering experience of her life.  Combine that with extreme hormonal changes, and it can really take a toll on her.  Let her know how amazing she is, and how proud you are of what she has just accomplished AND is accomplishing every single day as a new Mom.  


The arrival of a new baby is a very exciting time, and we all want to join in on the celebration, but let's not forget the real star of the show- the new Mom.  Give her some of the focus, and help in whatever way you can to help her get her Motherhood journey started on the right foot.



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