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About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Shawna, and I created this little community at MISHMASH MOMMY.

I grew up in Arkansas, and now live in South Carolina, so I am a Southern girl through and through!

I’m married to the love of my life, stepmom to the sweetest 9 year old boy, and mom to an adorable 2 year old daughter.  We also have 2 little fur babies.  I am a part-time photographer and photo editor and in my spare time (wait, what’s that?), I love traveling and camping (you’ll hear more about that later).

For years, I worked in Corporate sales, traveling the state to accounts. When my daughter was born, we decided that I would be a Stay at Home Mom. I love absolutely every minute with her, but it was a tough transition in the beginning. Over the past couple years, I feel like I’ve experienced some things that possibly a lot of you have too. Being a Mom can be exhausting, but so rewarding. My goal for this blog is to give you lots of tips and tricks for various Mommy-related things, but to also share my personal experiences to let you know that you aren’t the only one going through this. Motherhood is so much easier when we love and support each other! There’s no room for Mommy shaming here!