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Finding The Balance As A Work At Home Mom

Since I am a SAHM and tend to give my thoughts on that, I figured many of you would also be interested in reading the perspective of Working Moms.  So, today begins the first week of my #workingmomwednesday series!

I reached out to some of my sweet blogger friends who are working moms, and I’ll be showcasing their thoughts over the next few weeks.

This week, Lauren from Gabbing Ginger is sharing her experience as a Work at Home Mom.  This is how she manages to find the balance between working and momming!

Finding The Balance As A Work At Home Mom

It’s the “best of both worlds” scenario: work from home and be a mom, right?! WRONG. There are so many hidden struggles that lie behind the “glamorous” world of being a work at home mom.

Working from home has its challenges even without children in the picture.  It is VERY hard to find a good work-life balance.  I am SO appreciative that I had this job before having a baby, because I was able to find a good balance before my family dynamic changed.  I really made the effort to find time to go to the gym, and hang out with my husband and friends.  I learned early on that it is ok to head out to lunch to get some good interaction with people, because working from home can be very isolating, especially if you are a people person.  Thank goodness that collaborative work spaces are gaining popularity!

However, as moms can tell you, your world is flipped turned upside down when a baby comes.  I was finding myself at home with a colicky, high-needs baby and because I work for my family’s company and am a “type A” person, I just couldn’t NOT answer the emails staring back at me on my phone and laptop.  Thank goodness for a SUPER easy labor and recovery because I was able to jump back into things fairly easily. However, I was finding it really hard to cram everything I wanted to do into the day.  Once Tripp was finally on a decent schedule (which still changes a lot) and I learned to adapt a little better, my stress level finally came back into the stratosphere.

I learned quickly to be even more efficient than I was before. Crying baby? Let’s go for a run and I can get my exercise in while he calms down! I can hold a baby, drink coffee and answer emails like it is nothing.  I am a walking one man band but my instruments are kids’ toys and work equipment! ha!

I think the hardest aspect is the fact that sometimes I HAVE to get on a phone call or get an urgent email sent and if Tripp is throwing a fit, he just has to deal with it for a few minutes. But that is SO hard for my mama heart to see and hear sometimes. However, on the flip-side I get to be with him SO often and see him grow and develop. I can cuddle him almost anytime and I get to see so many of his milestones.

It can be hard to balance that work at home mom title because people see you as only one thing or the other… they don’t realize how challenging it can be to balance those two plates at once.  I think it is such a wonderful experience, but I am not going to lie, there is a learning curve and you have to be open to changing it up once the baby is in the picture.  The good news is that after only a little over a year into WAHM life, I have gained a few key tips to help keep me sane-ish.

Finding the balance as a work at home mom Mishmash Mommy guest post The Gabbing Ginger

Get involved with mom groups

Join groups like Book Babies at the local library, Stroller Strides, and Mommy and Me classes.  This is super helpful to get in some social interaction for both mom and baby.

Make lists

I found I was getting key things done during the typical 9-5, and then things like “clean out my inbox” can easily be done while I unwind at the end of the night.

Find a place where you can work and baby can play

I have found a really great indoor play space in Fort Worth called The Happy Lark. Tripp can play and have a good time and I can keep my eye on him while still getting projects handled. Once the weather isn’t 100 degrees in Texas, just going outside will be such a great answer to helping keep my toddler entertained.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help every once in awhile

Sometimes just getting a friend or family member to watch the little one(s) for a few hours makes SUCH a huge difference in your work day.

Embrace the change

Give yourself time to see what works best for your family dynamic.  Every few months, take a look at how things are going and address any changes that need to be made.

WAHMs, what are your tips and tricks?

XOXO Gabbing Ginger

Finding the balance as a work at home momGabbing Ginger is a thirty-something Mom, gabbing about life.  She loves fitness, fashion, beauty, and sports.  She is married to a CPA/CFO and they have a toddler named Tripp.  She LOVES the beach and her pups, and loves to write about anything that inspires her.

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  • 2017-07-26 at 8:36 AM

    I love reading these series and seeing what other tips Mom’s have to share. So helpful! Like Lauren, I work at home and it can be isolating because you don’t necessarily have the freedom to go out and meet other Moms during convenient times. Yet, it is SO important to ‘make connections’. For me that meant picking up the phone more and talking to colleagues about more than just work. I also made a commitment to do a Stoller Strides program one day a week – exercise + interaction!

  • 2017-07-26 at 2:07 PM

    I’ve been a WAHM for 7 years now and still struggle to find the balance some weeks. These are all really great tips! I’ve started a doing a monthly recap in my diary/journal – it sums up the month, reminds me of my goals (personal & biz) and sets my head straight for the next month.

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  • 2017-08-03 at 9:12 AM

    It’s so nice to hear other moms say this it is a challenge working from home! It’s definitely worth it but still figuring how our schedule. Great post!

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